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Virtual Teams Offer More Scalability Compared to Freelancers

Business is growing. You are shifting to eCommerce and have made an online store for your website. More customers are discovering your products and services on the Internet. Online traffic and transactions are increasing. The returns are rising. But maybe your Virtual Assistant is struggling with the growing demand? If they are operating solo, this is a real possibility. But fret not, Virtual BizNest’s staffing solutions can help you with Virtual Teams  best suited for scaling up your operations.

The Importance of Teamwork and Outsourcing

In Martin Zwilling’s Forbes article on how to build the most scalable startup, his tips include the importance of both strong teams and outsourcing tasks to streamline operations. He writes:

Build a strong team to take yourself out of the critical path. If you are still spending most of your time working “in” your business, rather than “on” your business, then you are not yet ready to scale. Show that you have and can continue to hire the right people to run the scaled business without you being everywhere and making every decision.

Outsource what is non-strategic to optimize leverage. Smart entrepreneurs never outsource their core competency, and never rely on intellectual property they don’t own. They also don’t try to do everything in-house, since growing all the expertise you need is slow and expensive. Scaling requires leveraging outside resources.

The latter tip does apply to Virtual Assistants, in that businesses shouldn’t do everything in-house as it is slow and expensive.  And an individual VA can be a strong asset to the company. But as Zwilling advises, entrepreneurs need a strong team.  It will take more people to operate a business that is growing larger and larger.

Take Advantage of Economies of Scale with Virtual Teams

So you are planning to grow your business or are already in the process of doing so. Now you want to further augment your workforce. Your single Virtual Assistant has done a great job and you want more. However, it simply is not economical to go around looking for freelance VAs one at a time. It will simply take too long to look for the right candidates and then provide training for each and every one of them. Time is money, and in that time your business might have missed opportunities or could have done so much more. So, how can you scale up the services and benefits provided by a single VA?

Simple: with Virtual BizNest’s staffing solutions.

VBN provides the answer to this problem. Our Virtual Teams let you cut to the chase because we have already gone through the trouble of finding the right VAs for the job. Generalists, accountants and bookkeepers, content writers, graphic designers, website designers and developers – we have them!

So the selection process will be so much easier because each of them has already gone through VBN’s thorough selection process. Moreover, they have already shown their capabilities. And we will handle the process of orienting them to your business’ specific needs, its processes and tasks, and so on.

Virtual Teams Offer Proven Assets and Flexible Services

So with VBN, you will have the benefit of adding proven Virtual Assistants or Virtual Teams to your workforce. Depending on your requirements, you can add a handful of virtual employees or an entire squadron complete with specialists.

Moreover, what if something unexpected comes up? Like a website crash that requires a specific set of skills. With VBN, you won’t have to panic and look for the right expert to hire. Leave it to us, we will simply bring in one of our specialists to handle it.

Another benefit is that our Virtual Assistants are already accustomed to working with each other. So you won’t have to worry about introducing VAs to each other and hoping they’ll play nice with one another. Our VAs are used to cooperating with one another – greatly boosting efficiency and productivity in a way that no solitary freelancer can match. And if one is temporarily indisposed, another can simply fill in for them as needed.

If things are no longer as hectic, you can simply adjust and purchase fewer hours or utilize fewer VAs. We understand that business operations can ebb and flow, there will be months where activities and transactions peak, and other periods where the pace slows.

One for All, All For One

At VBN we understand that businesses must scale up to increase their returns. And we know what it takes. A Virtual Assistant provides invaluable services to entrepreneurs, but a single virtual employee no matter how skilled will have limits. That is why we aim to transcend those boundaries and multiply the benefits Virtual Assistants offer businesses. With VBN, businesses have the opportunity to leverage an entire force of VAs – Virtual Teams that bring so much more capabilities to the table.

So, consider where you plan to take your business to the future. Think about what is needed to realize these plans… and how VBN’s virtual staff can make accomplishing these so much easier.




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