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When Does Your Business Need to Outsource?

Outsourcing is an effective way to boost efficiency and productivity, make up for an organization’s shortcomings, and enable the in-house team to focus on their strengths. It’s an affordable way to strengthen your startup by working smarter, rather than harder. And the market of skilled Virtual Assistants with the traits you’re looking for is booming. So the question is, when should a business outsource? The benefits of getting a VA depends on where the organization is at, what “stage” of growth it is in. This is why we’ll run down on the circumstances when a VA is necessary, and when a startup is ready for one.  

Are you expanding, or planning to?

Some businesses are comfortable in their niches and can afford to stay there. Some. But if your startup is like most others, then you are planning to move forward. So if you’re looking to grow and increase productivity and profits, you’ll need more good men and women in your ranks. Outsourcing allows you to have the staffing needed to meet the rigorous demands of expansion, while at the same time the VAs remain more affordable than full-time employees.    

Are there skill gaps or capabilities that your in-house team can’t fill?

Whether you’re expanding or not, the market changes and new demands can emerge. Your team, as it is, might have trouble meeting these nascent requirements or capabilities. Yes, you and your team can adapt, but it can take time and considerable growing pains. In light of this, with a VA you can cut to the chase and get a pro to do the job. You won’t have to be limited to the local talent market. You can find highly skilled individuals from across the world with unique qualifications who are up for the tasks that need to be fulfilled.  

Need to “optimize” your team? Delegate!

Even if your team’s skill sets meet all the demands, if your business is expanding then they may be taking too many roles at once. Or maybe you’re the one balancing all sorts of tasks. While leading by example and getting your hands dirty is admirable, and adaptable employees are ideal, this can become sub-optimal. When everyone is too stretched thin, they can’t grow in their specialities or accomplish them, which will affect your company’s growth as well. This is where efficient delegation makes a difference, and outsourcing goes hand in hand with that. Delegate the nitty-gritty work to the VAs and your core team can work smarter and better at your strengths!  

Looking for workforce flexibility, while on a budget?

You could be looking for someone with those aforementioned skill sets, but at the same time aren’t planning to add another full-time employee to the roster. Maybe you don’t have the budget, or the role is critical but not something that needs to be worked on a daily basis. There could be some tasks you need to be completed at the dead of night, but don’t warrant having people stay up late in the office. With VAs, you can have a setup that gets the job done properly, affordably and conveniently for everyone.  

Do you need a vacation?

Hands-on leadership has many benefits, but sufficient time for one’s self and loved ones isn’t usually among them. If you are feeling the strain, especially when you’re taking your enterprise up to another level, then outsourcing may be one way to decrease the pressure. With a VA or two, you and your entire team can lighten your loads and actually catch a breather. Self-care is also a responsibility, after all.  

So take a look

Assess your business and its operations. Enterprises great and small alike can benefit from outsourcing. But you can get even more bang for your buck by thoroughly evaluating your affairs and determining exactly what facet of your business you need to outsource. Having done this, you can get the most effective results.   -John Li