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Let Your Virtual Receptionist Handle Customer Calls

Small businesses and startups need to promptly respond to customer calls to stay ahead of competitors. And if you are running a lean operation, you would want to do so at the fraction of the cost of an in-house receptionist. So consider hiring a Virtual Receptionist. It is another role for a Virtual Assistant, with more focus on receiving incoming calls.

What does a Virtual Receptionist do?

They take calls, mostly inquiries and log them as leads for the company’s CRM system. Then the BDM (business development manager) or account manager contacts the lead and closes the deal. They also manage appointments and cancellations (and remind the clients of their appointments), deliver limited customer service, and transfer calls to the appropriate person if need be.

Benefits of Going Virtual

Odd hours? No problem, save yourself (or your employees) the trouble of staying up late to receive customer calls. By outsourcing and going virtual, your business can entertain even more calls. Moreover, a virtual employee has a smaller footprint than an in-house employee. You’ll be saving up on office space, electricity expenses and more. Talk about efficiency!

Who Needs a Virtual Receptionist

Almost every business needs a receptionist. In some cases, when a startup doesn’t require the full services of VA but still needs someone to take the calls, they can avail of Virtual Receptionist services. On the other hand, clients whose VAs have their hands full with their tasks – i.e. responding to emails, managing travel plans, handling social media and blog creation – can hire a Virtual Receptionist to handle the calls. Doctors and healthcare professionals can also make good use of Virtual Receptionists. Contacting patients, taking calls, setting appointments and reminding their clients about them will help free up the doctors and healthcare providers so they can focus on taking care of their patients.


With our Virtual Receptionists you’ll have someone proficient in English and who is focused on receiving calls and setting appointments, without being distracted by other tasks. It’s cost-effective solution to your business’ needs, one that has the potential of enhancing your operations by enabling you to meet the needs of more customers! John Li

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