Busting Myths About Outsourcing Work

The modern gig economy has reshaped the labor market in the United States and across the whole world. After all, the prevalence of outsourcing work is how the Virtual Assistant field emerged. Businesses are opening up to outsourcing more and more roles, including knowledge roles. We’ve gone from outsourcing food deliveries and ride sharing to outsourcing customer service, accounting and financial roles, managerial positions and more.  More and more companies are outsourcing work, hiring Virtual Assistants who can come from anywhere in the word. Unrestrained by distance or borders due to remote work technology, they can hire based on qualifications and competence while staying on a budget. The benefits are being reaped by everyone, from small businesses hiring secretaries to medium companies Virtual Teams and even big corporations outsourcing entire departments abroad.  Nonetheless, even in these times, myths persist regarding outsourcing. Misconceptions regarding the remote work setup, part time workers, and the general reluctance to delegate to people outside the company. This is why many are late to adapt to the trend, and often this is to their detriment as competitors improve their operations. So in this article we’ll go through those myths and refute them with facts. 

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