Augment Your Home Business with Virtual Assistants

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For many enterprising individuals, stay at home orders did not slow them down as they were able to pivot and continue the hustle. Many communities have seen a flurry of small businesses emerge, leveraging e-commerce, delivery services, even developing their own apps. A lot of these are run as home businesses, which reduces overhead costs and allows the entrepreneurs flexibility in balancing work and life. Nonetheless, this setup has its fair share of drawbacks, from juggling a variety of tasks while running a household to work from home burnout. Thankfully, there is a way home businesses can enhance their operations, boost their productivity while at the same time make life easier for the business owners. They can do this by making use of Virtual Assistants! (more…)

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Beating Work From Home Burnout

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Many businesses and organizations have shifted to remote work. Virtual Assistants and their clients alike are now working from home. It seems like remote work will be here to stay as part of the New Normal. And while initially, work from home seemed cozy and comfy, months later it has become a bit less rosy. According to CNBC, “over two-thirds, or 69%, of employees are experiencing burnout symptoms while working from home.” Yikes. Working remotely has gone from a perk to a fact of life with its fair share of challenges that have to be overcome. So here is how you can beat work from home burnout:   


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Don’t Wear Your Pajamas While Working From Home And Other Tips

Working from home is now part of the new normal. Even before the current crisis, it has been growing in popularity because of benefits like saving employees the trouble of commuting to work and reducing workplace expenses. While business goes on as usual when remote work routines have been established, there are still a few kinks to work out. Especially when due to the lockdown people have few other places to go and stretch their legs. The days can blur, moods can swing, people can feel restless because they are all cooped inside but at the same time exhausted from all the negative news. 

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The Right Tech for Working Remotely

To flatten the curve, organizations and businesses have had to adapt as best they can and minimize the exposure risk to their staff and their customers. Virtual BizNest, for example, pivoted to working remotely even before the local government declared a lockdown. While some places are loosening restrictions, organizations and individuals alike can’t be too careful. Many will have to continue working from home. To stay productive, the workforce must have the right tools. So here are the must-haves for working remotely. (more…)

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Virtual Assistants Make Businesses More Resilient Amidst COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has hit all industries hard and forced organizations to adapt. Many, particularly non-essential businesses, have had to downsize their operations, temporarily close their physical establishments, or switch to home-based operations (for those capable of doing so). This has proven to be quite challenging for many. But Virtual Assistants and the businesses utilizing their services have turned out to be better prepared for the disruption. So, why is this the case, and how can more businesses utilize VAs to weather the storm? 


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Use the Right Tools to Work from Home Optimally

There’s a very real possibility that the shelter in place orders, or the lock down or quarantine, may be extended. Which means Virtual Assistants and their clients will have to work from home for longer. Operating from their living rooms or home offices while maintaining their productivity, and reminding themselves that this isn’t a stay-cation, that their teams are still depending on their output. Previously, we gave tips for working from home during quarantine. Nonetheless, one of the hurdles is the lack of access to the resources available in a traditional office. So for this article, we’ll look into tools that can prove useful, even crucial, for this arrangement. 

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