Don’t Wear Your Pajamas While Working From Home And Other Tips

Working from home is now part of the new normal. Even before the current crisis, it has been growing in popularity because of benefits like saving employees the trouble of commuting to work and reducing workplace expenses. While business goes on as usual when remote work routines have been established, there are still a few kinks to work out. Especially when due to the lockdown people have few other places to go and stretch their legs. The days can blur, moods can swing, people can feel restless because they are all cooped inside but at the same time exhausted from all the negative news. 

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Maintaining Brand Recognition During Lockdown

With lockdown, non-essential businesses either switch to work-at-home setups, pivot to eCommerce and delivery or pickup services, or close their operations for the duration of the crisis. But even then, businesses can still maintain brand recognition, strengthen ties with customers, raise awareness and even do their part and pitch in for the community. This can be done through social media, online marketing, apps and other methods. So being in quarantine does not have to be a totally unproductive time.

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Virtual Assistants Make Businesses More Resilient Amidst COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has hit all industries hard and forced organizations to adapt. Many, particularly non-essential businesses, have had to downsize their operations, temporarily close their physical establishments, or switch to home-based operations (for those capable of doing so). This has proven to be quite challenging for many. But Virtual Assistants and the businesses utilizing their services have turned out to be better prepared for the disruption. So, why is this the case, and how can more businesses utilize VAs to weather the storm? 


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Work From Home Snacks You Can Nom On

The COVID-19 crisis is certainly a stressful period for us all. The bombardment of news and updates. Adjusting to working from home. The drastic alterations of our lifestyles due to lockdown. It takes time adapt to this new normal. Moreover, staying focused, energized and motivated while working (or even outside of work) can be at times difficult. But there’s something that can help with this: quarantine treats! Here are some work from home snacks you can nom on and refreshments you can imbibe. 


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Tips for Working at Home During Quarantine… Part 2

Continuing with the subject of working at home in the time of COVID-19 and doing this effectively, we will now go into the importance of properly managing our interactions with the outside world. This entails calls, emails and instant messages from workmates as well as browsing through social media or checking the news. It also includes our social circles that are now physically separated due to lockdown or quarantine. Previously, we talked about how managing our own patterns to separate work from daily life is essential in being good at both. Now we’ll talk about how we are both separated but still connected, simultaneously at risk of being isolated and overwhelmed. Plus how we can chart a course that will keep us functional and healthy while working at home and doing our part to flatten the curve.

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Tips for Working at Home During Quarantine… Part 1

VBN has shifted to work at home operations for its Virtual Assistants to comply with COVID-19 quarantine protocols. So our previously office-based VAs are now adapting to the new arrangement. For some, this is their first time working at home. While for others this might not be their first rodeo. And countless others throughout the world are going through similar experiences, shifting and adapting to a new work pattern.

Working at home can feel like a whole new world. Especially since the transition was so sudden, thrusted as a necessity due to the coronavirus pandemic.

So here’s some advice to help make the transition to working from home goes well, to help you with the job and maintain your wellness:

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