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Task to Assign to Your Virtual Assistant or Virtual Team

It turns out that for some entrepreneurs delegating tasks can be quite difficult. For those so used to doing it themselves, who built their startup or companies from scratch through their own effort, trusting someone else to handle certain responsibilities might not come easy. But it’s a must if a business is to grow and expand. Because at this point the entrepreneur won’t be going at it alone anymore. He or she will be working together with a team, whether it’s in-house employees or Virtual Assistants.    Leveraging their capabilities to the fullest, by trusting them and having them fulfill responsibilities, is best for business. It will free the entrepreneur in question up to pursue more important matters. Likewise for your in-house team when they pass repetitive non-revenue-generating tasks to VAs.    So, if you have a Virtual Assistant or a whole Virtual Team helping you out, then you can delegate these tasks to them:  

Combing Through Data

Networking and forging vital connections is key, but you don’t have to go through that huge pile of business cards yourself after an expo or convention. Likewise with making Linkedin connections. Or processing the raw data to figure out what the numbers mean for your business. Spare yourself untold hours on Excel by having your Virtual Assistant handle the number crunching and translating these into comprehensible English. What’s important is that the information is interpreted so you can make the big decisions that will improve your company’s performance. For financial matters, Virtual Assistants with accounting or bookkeeping expertise will be invaluable in these roles.   


Likewise, trawling the web for information can also be tasked to Virtual Assistants. Knowledge is power, and new businesses have an appetite for information because they need this to figure out their next move. Entrepreneurs need data about demographics or industries to develop new products, information on potential clients before a sales pitch, etc. But this process can take hours or more. It’s too time consuming for entrepreneurs themselves. So it’s best suited for the VAs who will collate and interpret the accumulated information and present their findings.   

Handling Correspondences

A busy entrepreneur might not have all the time needed to sort through his or her messages, whether it’s emails or on Linkedin and other social media. A trusted Virtual Assistant can make things so much easier. The VA can responding to relatively simple inquiries, scheduling appointments, and forwarding crucial communications for you to personally review.    

Social Media

The same goes for your business’ social media accounts. An active social media presence is vital these days for forging customer connections, responding to inquiries and feedback, answering comments, and sharing information. Hire a VA with social media management and content making knowhow. Give them the guidelines on your brand’s identity and voice, what kind of content to create and share, and the no-no’s. Have them handle the time-consuming but important role of posting, responding, looking for interesting articles to share, and so on. Likewise with finding new accounts and influencers to connect with, follow or engage with. While at the same time measuring your accounts’ metrics.   

Creating Content

Aside from the company’s social media accounts, the company’s blog is also another avenue through which the brand can reach potential customers. Engaging content with the right keywords and SEO can really boost your business’ profile. But if you don’t have enough time to spend hours mulling on subjects, doing research and tapping away at the keyboard, then you can delegate this to a Virtual Assistant with content creation skills. Maybe they are adept with WordPress or Wix. Or they’ve got the design skills to make infographics or videos. Whether it’s writing the actual content, handling the SEO or finding images, your Virtual Assistant can assist.   

Making Itineraries, Handling Personal Tasks 

When the investor you’re corresponding with has agreed to meet for brunch, you can let your VA handle coordinating schedules and setting up the meeting. Likewise when you are going on a business trip.0 The Virtual Assistant can make your itinerary, handling your flight and hotel bookings. The same goes for personal matters like sending thank-you notes, holiday cards, greetings, get well soon messages complete with flowers, and such.     

Everything is Easier With Virtual Assistants

Your days will go much smoother with a VA helping you out. Whether it’s secretarial tasks, number-crunching and bookkeeping, or more technical matters like designing infographics or videos, Virtual Assistants have so much to offer and can lighten your load by a lot. They can do so for the rest of your in-house workforce too. And by delegating these to them, you and your people can focus on more important matters. You’ll be better positioned to truly make your company grow.