Augment Your Home Business with Virtual Assistants

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For many enterprising individuals, stay at home orders did not slow them down as they were able to pivot and continue the hustle. Many communities have seen a flurry of small businesses emerge, leveraging e-commerce, delivery services, even developing their own apps. A lot of these are run as home businesses, which reduces overhead costs and allows the entrepreneurs flexibility in balancing work and life. Nonetheless, this setup has its fair share of drawbacks, from juggling a variety of tasks while running a household to work from home burnout. Thankfully, there is a way home businesses can enhance their operations, boost their productivity while at the same time make life easier for the business owners. They can do this by making use of Virtual Assistants! (more…)

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Achievement Unlocked: App Development

Who says your small business can’t afford to have its own mobile app? Virtual BizNest is a small business too, we’re in the same boat, but now app development is in our toolkit. Our team of Virtual Assistant just added to their already considerable repertoire by making a food ordering app. So let’s work together. We can build apps for clients who are on a budget but want to punch above their weight class.

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