Virtual Assistant Services Can Improve Website Accessibility and ADA Compliance

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Virtual BizNest has added yet another feather to our cap, namely improving several of our clients’ website accessibility by adding enhanced UX features. Thanks to our website developer VAs’ efforts, their sites will now be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This new addition to our Virtual Assistant services will help businesses improve their customer reach, enabling those with various impairments to utilize their websites better.


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Kudos to Chris: Illana’s Testimonial

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One among our many happy clients praising Virtual BizNest and the quality of our Virtual Assistants, Illana was referred to VBN by a friend and colleague who works with her in their local moms’ network. Like many of our clients, Illana was struggling with the sheer volume of her workload, particularly with the content for her site and social media accounts. This is where Virtual BizNest’s VAs greatly helped her. In Illana’s testimonial, she shows her appreciation for our VA services and praises Christopher Cabañog for his high quality work. Good job, Chris! 


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From a Skeptic to a Virtual Assistant Believer: Emma Tang’s Testimonial

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A self-confessed skeptic of Virtual Assistant services, Emma Tang is a website developer and graphic designer who runs her own business. Based in the US and with clients all over the country, she recently hired Virtual BizNest to help with her overflow work. While she was used to doing it all herself, there is only so much one person can handle. In her testimonial, she says she was impressed by the VAs’ work and how much they helped her business. Now she’s a believer in the capabilities of our Virtual Assistants! 


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Grow Your Online Business with Virtual Assistants

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Even the keenest of entrepreneurs won’t be skilled in all the processes that go into running their online business. This is where Virtual Assistants shine because they are experienced in many of these crucial roles. 

Need to write compelling copy that will move audiences?

Looking for eye-catching graphics for your Instagram posts?

Thinking of upgrading your website and using search engine optimization to draw in more customers?

Dealing with countless customer comments, orders or inquiries? 

Hire an expert to stay on top of everything and get you quality results. The advantages of hiring Virtual Assistants is that smart business owners can delegate these to them, confident in their abilities to fulfill these roles. Should the company scale up operations, they can consider tapping the combined skills of a whole Virtual Team composed of specialist VAs who can even deliver the goods.  (more…)

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Top Qualities of Filipino Virtual Assistants

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Virtual Assistant companies have been sprouting in cities across the Philippines for the last few years. Companies and businesses worldwide place their trust in Filipino Virtual Assistants because of the qualities that have been consistently observed among Filipino employees all over the world.  If you are up to outsourcing certain tasks or roles in your business, then you are on the right track in hiring Filipino Virtual Assistants because Filipinos continue to keep their reputation as among the best employees you can hire. Here are some top qualities of Filipino Virtual Assistants: (more…)

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